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Woodward, Robert J., "An Architectural Investigation into the Relationship between Doric Temple Architecture and Identity in the Archaic and Classical Periods." 2012, Doctoral thesis.

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Prasidaki  Athena  500-480  BC


According to Woodward, the temple is in a good state of preservation, including three peristyle columns in situ, as well as capitals and some entablature elements. No pediment sculptures have been identified as belonging to this Doric temple. The triglyph-metope width (1.56m) was used to calculate the interaxial dimension of 2.76 meters. From this, the interaxial length, with a corner contraction of 0.46m, is determined to be 32.2 meters and a width of 13.6 meters. Using these calculations, the column height is estimated to have been 6.0 meters.

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