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Sunion  Poseidon  444  BC


The original Archaic Period temple was destroyed by the Persians, the remains of which were incorporated into the new temple, probably built in ca. 440 BC.. After the defeat of Xerxes in the naval Battle of Salamis sometime around 490 BC, the Athenians placed an entire captured enemy trireme (warship with three banks of oars) at Sounion as a trophy dedicated to Poseidon. A total of 15 original columns still stand today. The Doric columns were made of locally quarried white marble. 

Both the original Archaic temple and the newer temple constructed after the Persian War were hexastyle peripteral structure with 13 columns on the long side, with a pronaos and opisthodomos each having two column in antes. The temple would have looked very much like the contemporary Temple of Hephaestus in Athens.

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