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Stratos  Zeus  311  BC


Construction of the temple began in 321 BC but was never finished as seen in the column drums which still had their bosses. The short plan of 6 by 11 columns is very typical for a fourth-century Doric building. No traces of the interior columns have been found in the excavations; very likely they were dismantled and transported for reused elsewhere. The research group, led by Jari Pakkanen, carried out two seasons of fieldwork in the sanctuary, in 2000 and 2001.

The krepis of the temple is well preserved to the level of the first step, as is the second step on the east and the north side; only fourteen blocks of the stylobate and five bottom column drums remain in situ in the north-east corner. The lower courses from the cella seem to have survived the destruction of the temple and re-purposing of its building material: the porch stylobates and the cella wall toichobate blocks are entirely preserved, as are all four anta orthostates. The cella wall orthostate blocks remain only at the pronaos end of the building; the foundation blocks of the cella floor are mostly in place, but none of the stylobate blocks carrying the interior order have been discovered at the site.

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