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Ptoios  Apollo  316  BC

Guillon, P., " Les trépieds du Ptoion," 2 vols. (1943) BCH from the year 1884

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The oracle and sanctuary of Apollo Ptoios is located on a man-made terrace (one of on three leading down to the Fountain of Perdiko Vrysi) three kilometres northeast of Akraiphia on Mount Pelagia in northeastern Boeotia. The temple dates from the end of the fourth century and sits on top of the foundations of an older Archaic temple. The temple is a Doric peripteral style with 6 columns on the short sides and 13 on the long sides. The stylobate measures 11.8 x 23.3 m. The interior structure has a pronaos with two columns in antis, and no opisthodomos. The actual oracle was located in a grotto to the east.


Many blocks from the sanctuary were removed for the construction of Saint George church. The Sanctuary of Apollo Ptoios was excavated in several periods since 1885 by the French Archaeological School.

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