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Messene  Asklepios  ca. 370  BC

Dinsmoor, W.B., The Architecture of Ancient Greece,  Biblo & Tannen, N.Y.  1973


The temple of Asklepios is a Doric peripteral structure with a 6x12 column configuration. It had a pronaos and rear opisthodomos, each with two columns in antis. The stylobate measures 13.67m. Χ 27.94m., resting on a three stepped krepis. On the eastern side of the temple, a ramp lead to the entrance. The cella, pronaos, and the opisthodomos were constructed of local limestone, while the colonnade is built of coated sandstone.  The temple was abandoned sometime during the 4th c. A.D.

Systematic excavations in Messina are through the auspices of the Archaeological Society under the direction of Professor Peter G. Themelis.

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