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Leprean  Demeter  400 - 370  BC

Knell, H., "Lepreon de Temple der Demeter"  AthMitt 98 (1983: 113)

Paus, V,5,6.

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The city was founded by the Minyes, the descendants of the Argonauts, when expelled from Lemnos. The citadel with the limestone Doric temple is located in the north of the village. The city was named after its founder Lepreos.


The Archaeological site is located on a hill with a view of the Kyparissiakos Gulf. Foundations of the Doric temple date to the end of the 4th Century BC,  and measure 20 by 10 meters. The peripteral temple had a configuration of 11 by 6 columns. Pausanias stated the temple was dedicated to the goddess Demeter. It has a vestibule with columns in antis, a cella with no inner colonnade, and no opisthodomos. It is made of shell stone. A few temple elements have survived including columns with some preserve traces of white paint, capitals, and fragments of the entablature. The entrance to the temple was through three steps. The metopes were unadorned, while the roof had clay tiles.

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