The ruins of the Doric peripteral temple of Zeus Basileus is located on Prophitis Elias Hill southwest of the town of Lebadeia, and commands a dramatic view from of the area. The hill is close to the suburbs and within walking distance from the town. The temple, measuring 46 meters by 23 meters was begun in the 3rd century BC, but never completed. Dated to the second half of the 3rd cent. BC, the large temple was oriented E-W, with an apse and a cross-wall with three doors in it.

Pausanias mentioned the Temple of Zeus Basileus, whose construction was never completed because of the structure’s size and lack of funds. Modern scholars argue that the project for the construction of the temple also involved the relocation of the central part of the Trophonius Oracle from the grove to the area of the Temple of Zeus Basileus in the second half of the 3rd cent. BC. This resulted not only in the two deities being physically closer, but to a further interweaving of their cults, which in certain periods were inseparable.

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