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Kos  Asklepios  170  BC


The sanctuaries to Asclepius were built on three terraces, the third and upper most being that contains the Doric temple, which is a twin in design to the Asklepion temple in Epidaurus, or so it was reported. The column height of 8.135m is exceptionally tall since the sister temple at Epidaurus has a column height consistent with the statistical norm for type 6 11 temples. If the Kos temple were to follow the statistical calculated height for this type temple, then the column height should only be 7.03 meters. If is taller, then the temple breaks from traditional design and may follow more nearly the Ionic approach.

The temple was changed to a Christian church in the early years of Christianity with the name Panagia Tarsou.


Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine" whose oath first dealt with the ethics of medical practice, is said to have received his medical training at the Asklepion on Kos.

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