Cockerell, Charles Robert, The Antiquities of Athens, and Other Places in Greeece, Priestly & Weale, London, 1830

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and forms the northwesternmost part of Greece. The temple is situated on the steep eastern coast of the peninsula of Ascension facing the sea, and is the most significant archaeological site on the island.

The Doric temple of Kardaki dates back to  the Late Archaic period (510 BC) when Palaiopolis was as its peak. It has 11 single-stoned pillars on its wider sides and 6 on its narrow sides. This Doric temple is small, the overall dimensions of the stylobate measureing 11.91 x 25.5 m. Only a portion of the western end of the structure memains, the eastern part having slid into the sea.