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The site was excavated by the Danish archaeologist Ejdnar Dyggve

Dyggve, E.,  "Das Laphrion. Der Tempelbezirk von Kalydon," Copenhagen, 1948.

Knell, H.   AA (1973:448)

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Kalydon  Artemis  370  BC


The site of Kalydon was abandoned in 30 B.C. Nothing remains of the temple other than the stylobate and crepis. The remains of the Artemis temple indicate it was constructed about 360 B.C. and had a marble roof. The site had been occupied from at least the Early Minoan  to the present. Three temple building periods have been detected, each of them oriented north-south with the entrance on the south.


The column height ( 4.828 meters) was estimated from the statistical probability of the sum of means, 6.11. 

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