The Manx Grail Chronicles trilogy take a rivisionist view of history and wraps it around an intriguing real life mystery. The story is jam-packed with lively characters that capitalize on combining Celtic legend, Knights Templar history, and Pythagorean mathematics, to create a roller coaster adventure in a riotous, but dangerous romp across the globe.  Initially, the story begins on the Isle of Man with an actual murder/suicide, but soon the heart pounding adventure finds new secrets to solve in the most unlikely places.

Mystery of the Templar Treasure

The Manx Grail Chronicles trillogy is a riveting story which splices together the 1868 murder/suicide of James Killey on the Isle of Man to elements of Arthurian mythology and the lost treasure of the Knights Templar.   Years of research into Pythagorean geometry, classical archaeology, actual historic accounts and mythological elements, have all been interwoven into a heart pounding adventure that leaves the reader glued to every page.

The story begins on the Isle of Man where both ancient and modern lives become intertwined in a web of Druid ceremonies and Celtic myth. The adventure starts in 1868 when James Killey murders three of his five daughters by throwing them down the twenty-five foot shaft of the farm well, and then committing suicide by tossing himself in after them. The book switches to the current time with the discovery of buried artifacts that point to another cause for the deaths. A modern-day set of characters follow the path of discovery into the true facts of the case, weaving the reader through intricate plot twists and revealing previously unknown facts behind the Holy Grail, Arthurian mythology and Celtic lore.

The reader soon learns the Templars would do anything to keep the Grail a secret and protect it for all eternity. They also learn others would do anything to find it and destroy it if necessary.

Secret of the Pythagoras Parchment

Secret of the Pythagoras Parchment continues the search for Templar Treasure, all the while being pursued by a cabal of agents from the Dragon Court, a secret organization housed within the Cathelic Chruch.  Following leads left by the Brotherhod of Templars assigned to guard the Grail treasure, the protagonists stumble on a ancient manuscript left by a Pythagoras student.  The trail eventually leads to a secret chamber beneath Arthur's Castle at Tintagel, only to have the operatives of the Dragon Court show up to spoil the discovory. It is a roller coaster ride tied to a spellbinding mystery in an attempt to find the ancient Templar treasure.

The Secret of Holyhead Island

Book three of the Manx Grail trillogy, The secret of Holyhead Island, brings together the concluding chapters in the search for the Holy Grail and the Templar treasue.  Once again the main characters are faced wtih solving intricate sets of riddles in order to unravel the devious clues left behind by the Templar knights. The progagonists discover new clues to the Templar fortune concealed within a thirteenth century document that leads to Scotland and back to Wales, where there is a revelation revealing the true meaning behind the Holy Grail.

Doric Temple Proportions:
This texts reveal the mysteries behind why Pythagoras went to so much trouble to keep his mathematical formula hiden.

The word άρρηπας (Carefully guarded secret doctrines) indicates that the knowledge of irrational numbers as discovered by Pythagoras was “…dangerous to the uninitiated [and] played an important part…in all the mysteries and similar organizations.  Aditionally, Pythagorean lore was άρρηπας, like that of the mysteries, and the penalty of betrayal was death.”


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