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Gortyn Asklepios  4th cent BC

gortys temple copy.jpg

Pausanias, Guide To Greece VII,28,1

Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos, Manolis Petrakis, "Cella Alignment and 4th Century BC Doric Peripteral Temple Architecture in Mainland Greece," OpAthRom 11, 2018

The Doric temple within the district of Gortyn in the central Peloponnese and  near to the Lousios Gorge Hiking Trail. Only a few of the krepis blocks remain in situ along with fragments of fluted column shafts. The temple remains were most recently surveyed in 2015 by an archaeologicl team lead by Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos, the results of that survey published by the Swedish journal Opuscula.

The temple is peripteral with a 6x11 configuration. The cella has a two column pronaos., without an opisthodomos.

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