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Cyrene  Apollo  early 5th cent  BC

*  White, .D.,  "Archaic Cyrene and the Cult of Demeter and Persephone" Expedition Magazine 17.4 (July 1975)

*  Pedley, J.G., Archaeology  29 (1967: 210-220)


Temple of Apollo, whose Delphic priesthood played a prominent role in the city’s founda­tion, was, in the earliest version of this temple, a simple rectangular megaron with no outer colonnade, an ancient design with its roots in the late Bronze Age. The original small temple marks the heart of what was to become the most spectacular sacred area in Greek North Africa. By the century’s end a limestone colonnade had been added, the first of many changes to its ultimate appearance which showed that Cyrene’s principal deity was Apollo,

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