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*  Salt, A. (2009). The Astronomical Orientation of Ancient Greek Temples.

*  Scully, Vincent. 1979 The Earth, the Temple, and the Gods: Greek Sacred Architecture. Yale University


Syracuse  Olympian Zeus  555 BC


Built on a low hill outside the ancient city, the temple of Zeus overlooks the island of Ortygia. It was Doric in style with a configuration of 6 x 17 columns, with an additional colonnade in front of cella; pronaos - distyle in antis with no interior columns. ​Constructed much like the nearby Temple of Apollo (Syracuse), it lacked any angle contraction, as well as the elimination of the widened central intercolumniation along the short ends. Only 2 columns remain of the original temple, although there were eight as of the early 1700's. On both of the two standing column fragments of the south side, the fluting was not carried down to the stylobate, all monolithic, and a part of the “crepidoma” (the platform on which the superstructure of the building is erected). The temple orientation was East-West. 37.053211N  Longitude: 15.260221E

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