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Mertens, Dieter,  "Der Tempel von Segesta".  Deutsches Archaologisches Institut Rom. Philipp von Zabern, Mainz Am Rhien, 1984

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The Doric Temple at Caulonia, dated by archaeologists to 420 BC, is situated only a few meters from the shore of the Ionian Sea at the foot of Cocinto promontory, which is located on the southern end of Italy. Very little remains of the temple structure except the foundation and a portion of the roof rainwater gutter in the shape of lion heads. The 6x14 column building measured 18X41 meters at the outer perimeter.

Currently, the archaeological site is being ravaged by the weather and is in serious difficulty. The shoreline is gradually being eroding away and continues to encroach on the archaeological site.


Caulonia  420  BC

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