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Akragas G (Hephestus)  430 BC


The temple of Hephaestus (G) [the traditional name given the temple is Vulcan [a name purely conventional and not supported by documents] is in the southwestern corner of the city, east of the "Temple of the Dioskouroi." The peripteral Doric temple is hexastyle with 13 columns on the long sides. It is of considerable size, the measurements 43 x 20.85 m given by some sources and 39.43 x 17.25 by Mertens, 1984; Waele, 1980), although few remnants of the structure are preserved other than a portion of the four step crepidoma and two columns. The temple’s interior had a portico at the entrance, a naos and opisthodomos, with the portico and opisthodomos framed by two columns.  In the naos, the foundations of a small temple dating to the sixth century BC was discovered. Two columns were reconstructed in the 1920s by British Naval Captain Alexander Hardcastle.

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