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Agios Elias  500 - 490  BC

Jean­nette Forsén, ed., Agios Elias of Asea, Ar­ca­dia. From early sanc­tu­ary to me­dieval vil­lage 1 (Skrifter ut­givna av Sven­ska In­sti­tutet i Athen, 4°, 58:1), Stock­holm 2021. 

Woodward, Robert J., "An Architectural Investigation into the Relationship between Doric Temple Architecture and Identity in the Archaic and Classical Periods." 2012, Doctoral thesis.


[Agios Ilias Pyrgos] is a Village in Agios Ilias in Pyrgos in Ilia in the Peloponnese Region of Greece. The tem­ple near the summit of moun­tain of Agios Elias at Asea is in ruins with only the stone foundation visible, although one complete capital and a triglyph survive. Other ar­chae­o­log­i­cal ma­te­r­ial which includes pot­tery, roof tiles and mis­cel­la­neous stone ob­jects were recovered in a brief four-week ex­ca­va­tion cam­paign in 1997. Roof tiles of a tem­ple suggest a date of construction from c. 590–560 BC. Some of the pot­tery is lo­cal/​re­gional, with other ex­am­ples orig­i­nat­ing from many parts of south­ern Greece in ad­di­tion to At­tica, in­di­cating this site was not iso­lated, but sustained an active trading network thought the rest of Greece.

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