Explore Doric temples by examining their history, design, functionality, and location. Take the journey through time and space by visiting the numerous temple sites and see what they might have looked like at the time, and what they look like now. But most significantly, discover the mathematical scheme that bewildered art historians for centuries, and learn the 2000 year old secret Pythagoras used to implement the Doric Order blueprint.

Discover how the "Masters" of which Vitruvius writes, points to the geometrical rules enshrined within the Masonic system as part of the formal solution between irrational numbers, proportional theory, and temple architecture .

Read how the temple ground plan evolved from its Mycenaean megaron origin to its final peripteral colonnaded form in the Classical Period. Discover the theory behind its earliest wooden prototype to that of a massive stone structure.

Complete List of Doric Temples

Scroll through a complete list of Doric temples and follow all aspects of their location, whether in Greece, Italy, or any of the outlying colonies, to learn about the temple’s dimensions, statistics, and site history.

Statistical Results

Doric temple architecture clearly follows a set standard in its form and configuration. The statistical results verify as to what lengths the ancient architects had to go through in order to create the temple design and proportion, and to what standards those architects were required to conform. The results are revolutionary in outlining the direct role Pythagoras had in determining just how ridged those restraints were.

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